Project Type, Medium
Technical Difficulty
Assignment Outcomes
Assignment Description

Use a video editor to create an e-poem. The poem will take the format of a video, but you will likely work with text a good deal in the video editor. You will also want to experiment with the use of sound.

To get a sense of these possibilities, you can check out some simple screen performances:

Bus-sized asteroid buzzes the earth

As you create your poem, I encourage you to use the screen as a canvas to create a multimedia performance.

For the assignment itself, you can translate a poem to the screen or compose your own poem. You can use any materials available on your screen as well as sound, voice, etc.

Seek to use the editor to experiment with the video medium--adjusting opacity, working with movement, deploying sound, etc.--to develop a piece of electronic art.

After you have drafted and revised your projects, uploaded your videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

Evaluation Rubric

Successful e-poems will

  • use several affordances of video: motion, text, images, and sound
  • include text or spoken word to deliver the content of the poem
  • display solid video/audio editing techniques: smooth transitions, consistent use of media elements, effective pacing, etc.
  • demonstrate effective and judicious fair use decisions
Notes or Advice

The key with this assignment is using readymade materials. Snippets of video or images make good visual for the poetry video. Also starting with an existing poem, streamlines the topic finding process, so students can work with the imagery. Students also should spend time with the look, feel, and arrangement of the text of the poem. Looking at some concrete poetry or early versions of e-poetry that are focused on alphabetic text can be helpful.