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In Unit 3, Writing in the Humanities, each group was asked to compile a companion "book" to a chosen poet. Each group designed a book cover and generated the front matter, and each group member wrote the content for one chapter to the book. Each component of the book was laid out in InDesign. The… more



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Use a video editor to create an e-poem. The poem will take the format of a video, but you will likely work with text a good deal in the video editor. You will also want to experiment with the use of sound. To get a sense of these possibilities, you can check out some simple screen performances:… more

Scientific Tar Heel

In this unit, students research a scientific topic that interests them and then adapt the information for a public audience, following the model of Scientific American.  After drafting their articles, students will work with InDesign to create a magazine layout, again using Scientific American as a… more

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Students used an audio editor to create an essay that brings together poetry and either 1) personal experience or 2) cultural concerns. Working from a poem, the project calls for discussion of a life event or cultural issue. Whether reflecting on experience or researching an issues, the essays use… more