Carolina Digital Literacy


Carolina Digital Literacy seeks to promote advanced communication at UNC-Chapel Hill. Initial efforts will revolve around a pilot stage during the 2016-17 academic year. This site currently supports instructors and students participating in the pilot.

These efforts will enable members of the UNC community to:

  • Communicate using a range of media, both textual and non-textual
  • Identify the appropriate modes and media for any communication situation
  • Make decisions about responsible uses of intellectual property when using media
  • Understand the ethical issues that matter in our contemporary communications landscape
  • Critically evaluate the messages they encounter in a networked world, assessing their value and situating them within cultural concerns that make a difference to the world.
  • Operate as not only consumers but also producers of contemporary modes of communication.

Equally key, Carolina Digital Literacy will help members of the UNC community to:

  • Cross intellectual boundaries, recognizing instances when—for instance—approaches from the arts or humanities can engage with sciences or when graphic artists might learn from computer scientists
  • Work in collaborative teams, relying on the inherent connectivity of contemporary communication to bring people together
  • Engage with public audiences, connecting knowledge developed through the use of digital tools with local, state, and global communities.