What is Carolina Digital Literacy?


Carolina Digital Literacy (CDL) aims to enhance UNC students’ ability to critically think and create within an increasingly technological world. Digital Literacy recognizes the increasingly fluid and multimodal ways that information is received, and as a result, the ways in which students and instructors might adapt to these changes. At UNC and across college campuses, digital literacy efforts teach students to critically observe, write, create, read, and design across multiple and nuanced media platforms. In doing so, students move from consumers of media to producers.  To this end, CDL’s efforts will enable the UNC community to:


  • Communicate using a range of media
  • Identify situationally-appropriate modes of communication across media
  • Understand ethical and responsible reuse of media
  • Critically evaluate the array of information they encounter in relation to social, political, and cultural values
  • Work in collaborative teams relying on inherent connectivity
  • Benefit from interdisciplinary communications across the humanities, sciences, graphic arts, social sciences, computer sciences, and more.
  • Engage with a public community


Our Partners


This website aims to be a resource for CDL instructors of all levels through project showcases, assignment sequences, DL resources, and CDL stories. As a collaborative and interactive space, CDL bridges DL efforts being made across UNC and makes them readily available to instructors to borrow from, adapt, or remix. CDL is enriched through the partnership of: Information Technology Services, The University Libraries, The University Writing Program, The College of Arts and Sciences, The Office of Arts and Sciences Information Services, Student Government, The Center for Faculty Excellence, The School of Media and Journalism, The Digital Innovation Lab, The Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative, The Studio for Instructional Technology and English Studies, The Minor in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacy.



If you would like to get involved, please contact us at cdl@unc.edu!